Holy Mother

I heard this heartfelt song the other day and it got me thinking…about a lot of things. I thought of Mother Mary and her unfathomable unconditional love, bringing into focus my own mother and her human struggles burning beneath her innate love, and the strong wind of love I have for my three daughters. The holiness that lives within each one of us is often forgotten until we’re driven to the precipice of who we truly are underneath our layers of life.

One thing is for sure, Holy Mother hears your cries, particularly when it reverberates above all the lies. The untruths you tell yourself about who you are, and are not. The mother in me believes the child in you is meant to thrive. And the child in me yearns to believe all mothers carry this holiness within. Who do we cry out to when we feel our deepest pain, stripped down to our most vulnerable selves? Whether it’s literal or figurative, it’s most often the maternal nurturers in our lives. The mothers who possess the caress our hearts crave for. The angels born of this earth with the extended wings of Mother Mary. The one who reminds us of the eternal light shining within every one of us, even amongst our sorrows. It is this love that guides us to the stars in the night sky, revealing the truth of our own angel residing inside.

Click here to listen to Eric Clapton and Luciano Pavarotti sing the most beautiful song, “Holy Mother”.

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