In the Now

I recently heard yet another story about a popular figure who lived an extremely healthy lifestyle and still was hit by cancer and passed on.  As I listened to this commentary my thoughts drifted into the silliness of any of us thinking we can cheat death or control the time we exit this earth.  Any of you who know me, know that I live as healthy as I possibly can in mind, body, spirit and emotion. Do I do it because I want to live forever?  No, I do it because I want to live in the now!  Each day, every moment, is something to be treasured.  Of course we all have down times, that’s part of life and our ever present learning curve along our journey, but to travel with a clear mind and heart takes your journey to a whole new level.  I certainly want to be alert in my growing and remember what I have learned.  Some to be experienced again and some to be avoided like the black plague.

My point is this, to live healthfully is to live in this moment.  Notice that which surrounds you.  The beauty, the messages, your loved ones, your insights, and the clarity that comes with all of it.  Live healthy simply because it allows you to feel full of energy with happiness in your life.  Live it because it gives you a new perspective in seeing the glass full as life shoots you lemons.  Live it because it feels good!

When our time comes to move into the spirit world it is a day of celebration for a life well lived, and a bow of gratitude for a life yet to come.  Feel it, breathe it, BE it now, for this is it.  Your time to show yourself and shine!



9 Healthy Energy Boosters For 2013 & Beyond!

After the holidays and busy times in our lives, our energy often feels tapped.  Here are 9 quick tips to gather up the energy that periodically slips away…

1. Get your SLEEP! Nothing saves energy more than sleep.  The more rest you have, the more you have to give.  You will make wiser decisions with less agitation, and yes, you will eat healthier because we crave sugars and unhealthy fillers when we are tired.

2.  Say NO more often. Trust your instincts when your body tells you you haven’t enough energy to say yes to every request.  Limits and boundaries are healthy for you and the person you’re setting them with.

3.  Pay attention to good nutritional habits. Take in energy foods like green leaf veggies, fruits and adequate proteins. Keep alcohol intake and sugar to a minimum, and drink plenty of water!

4.  Choose wisely with your supplements. Have your doctor check your blood levels to evaluate what you need.  For those living in the north during winter, vitamin D adds energy that the sun gives us in the summer.  Omega 3′s are great mood lifters and helps with depression. Vitamin C keeps those white blood cells alive and active, increasing your immunity, and vitamin B complex decreases your stress level.  A good multivitamin helps in many areas you may be lacking.

5.  Give Service to others. When you do it can’t help but bounce back and fill you too.  There is a natural boost  you receive in giving.  Choose an organization, program, group and give of your time.

6.  Develop an exercise program that suits you. Walking, joining a gym, dancing, swimming, you choose.  Create a schedule that is realistic for you so you will stick with it as an ongoing lifestyle routine.

7. Visit your chiropractor for regular adjustments.  A healthy spine fights disease, fosters clear thinking increasing your creativity, and allows you to perform physically at an optimum level.

8. Express yourself!  It takes much more energy to hold in anger, fear and frustration than it does to release it.  Think of the energy it takes a pressure cooker to hold in its contents until the lid is finally lifted and the steam is released!  Express your feelings calmly, before this boiling point, and you will find your issues become resolved productively and peacefully.

9.  Take time for relaxation and quiet time. Research has revealed that quieting your mind is a catalyst for expert performance in many aspects of your life. Get a massage, watch a movie, take a yoga class, visit your favorite spa, plan that vacation, visit a friend, read a book, listen to soothing music, meditate…RELAX…

Wishing you all a happy & healthy new year…here’s to new beginnings!



Ring in a Cleansing, Courageous New Year Filled with Dreams of a Lifetime!

Join me in kicking off the New Year on Help, Hope & Healing, WWLZ820am, Saturday, Jan. 1st, 12-1pm!  I will be addressing mind and body cleansing, facing your fears, creating happiness and manifesting your future.  For those of you needing that “push” to start off the New Year surrounded by health and happiness, this show is for you!  As always, calls are welcome during the show at 607-732-4820 or 1-866-732-4820.

Wishing you all a salubrious and wondrous year to come!

WWLZ820am Radio Show, 9-18-10, Exercise, Nutrition, Beauty Products & Overall Wellness

To learn Dr. Vice Lujan’s very informative answers to his Health Quiz, click on “Exercise, Nutrition, Beauty Products &  Overall Wellness” link under the category, “AM-WWLZ 820 Talk Radio”.

How Healthy Are You?

Tune in tomorrow, Sept. 18th, to Help, Hope & Healing Talk Radio, WWLZ820am, 12pm-1pm ESTMy guest will be Dr. Vice Lujan who will be educating us on overall wellness in exercise, nutrition, beauty products, and so much more!

Below is a sneak peek of  Dr. Vice’s 2010 Health Quiz.  More unveiling of myths, discerning fact from fiction, and overall health benefits to come!  Listen in and find out if your answers match Dr. Vice’s.  As always, calls are welcome at 607-732-4820 0r 1-866-732-4820 during the show.  Get your questions ready, nationwide calls are also welcomed!

· Coconut Water or Sports Drinks: Which is Better?
· Artificial Colors: Harmful or Harmless?
· Caloric Restriction: Harmful or Harmless?
· Hypnotherapy for Health: Worth It or Worthless?
· How Much Do Doctors Know About Nutrition?
· What are the Nutritional Deficiencies Between Omnivores vs. Vegans?
· Jump Rope or Running: Which has greater time efficient fat burn?
· Shower Filters: Worth It or Worthless?
· Which Foods Have Cholesterol?
· Cancer Reversal Through Diet?
· Kettlebell Training for Strength and Weight Loss: Worth It or Worthless?
· What Time of Day Should You Not Do Stretching?

WWLZ820am Radio Show, 8-28-10,Chiropractic Care/ An Optimum Spine Equals Optimum Health

Tune in, and click on the link below, to listen to Dr. Bob Berry and I discussing the benefits of chiropractic care and how an optimum spine equals optimum health.

I’m Hearing Air Waves….

Tune in with me! For all of you local Elmira/Corning folks, my new Talk Radio Show will be kicking off on Saturday, August 21st, 12pm-1pm on 820am radio, WWLZ. I will be covering many areas under the umbrella of mind, body, spiritual & emotional wellness. A weekly guest will be joining me to share their knowledge & expertise on various topics. Call-ins are encouraged and welcome! More info to come, including a line up of guests and topics. For those of you out of the area, I will be posting podcasts of the show on this blog, intermittently.

If any of you have topics you wish to have covered please feel free to comment.  I have a plethora of ideas, constantly bustling in my head, AND I welcome more from all of you!

May your day be filled with strength, joy and LOVE!