The Path of Least Resistance

Your soul’s path leads to many vibrational matches as you navigate this earthly journey. The only requirement is acceptance of what is when it shows up in your life. I’m laughing inside right now because here I am attempting to write about the path of least resistance and I’m feeling so frustrated because I keep getting interrupted by outside influences. The more I try to control the situation the more stuck I feel in my writing. Now isn’t that ironic? Okay, take a breath and just write. Write whatever comes and stop resisting! Maybe I wasn’t meant to write about the depths of resistance today but rather about how we fight what is. We kick and scream and want it to go a certain way, and the universe just chuckles, shakes its mighty light, and waits.

When we try to force something does it feel jagged and disconnected, or does it flow naturally? My experience has been not only jagged but rocky as the Grand Canyon. Another interruption and I’m learning to go with the flow. Not really, in this moment I’m feeling pretty darn frustrated. I know it’s a lesson. How may I release and center myself? A few breaths and gathering the quiet once again.

I was thinking about the resistance path the other day as I came across this beautiful flower (above) easing itself through a wrought iron fence, blooming in all its glory. No fear or frustration that the fence would block its growth, or its beauty. Just an easy flowing graceful arrival. My guess is even if it had a bit of a struggle reaching its full bloom it redirected itself toward the light and trusted the magic that would unfold. And it did. Just as nature always does. It doesn’t question the whys and the hows, it just continues on its natural course. It innately knows the path of least resistance is the most free-flowing feeling in existence. It allows, and experiences, and releases, over and over again. It doesn’t hold on and mull over every encounter, instead, it gives thanks with gratitude in its being and moves on.

It is then that every experience, every encounter, and yes, every interruption we have in our lives climbs the Grand Canyon and reaches the nirvana of our dreams. Breathing it in with a knowing that each fork in the road, and every detour, had meaning behind it all. All we need to do is walk through the iron fence and recognize the beauty of our being.