Victim or Survivor

” Move into the wound of your most secret fears, and find the seeds of wisdom that are planted there.  Face what upsets you the most;  it is a great teacher.”  ~Lynn V. Andrews

Which one are you?  Are you someone who accepts your position in life and chooses to take responsibility for your actions?  Or are you someone who chooses to blame others for your lot in life?  When we choose to blame others for messes we have created in our own lives, we remain stagnate in our mire of pain and often spiral downward as we take pity upon ourselves.  In blaming others we erase our innate abilities and abdicate our power to master our own lives.  Only you have created what exists in your life, and only you can change it.  Until you accept responsibility for your past decisions and current situation, you will remain a prisoner of  your negativity.  You can lay down, claim defeat, and continue your cycle; or you can stand up, look yourself straight in the eye, and reclaim your life.

The Survivor chooses to create change.  The road may be painful and full of patience, but the end result will be one of self-love, self-respect, humility, compassion toward others, and a knowing that you are fulfilling your purpose here on earth.  In claiming your life, you become the master of your ship.  There is no blame because you know you have the power to create your own life.  You’re not depending on someone else to steer your ship, you take the wheel and accept full responsibility.  The ups, the downs, and the in betweens.  Life can be extremely difficult but when we know we can rely on ourselves to make it through the storm, and have FAITH that we will, all your perseverance will pay off.  As we begin to TRUST ourselves we attract like-spirited people into our lives.  Naturally, our inner circle of support grows and so do we.

Face your fears and seek the inner wisdom that will set you free.

Stay on your course, weather your storms, and the sun will shine upon your tattered and treasured ship.

Walking Through Illusion with Betsy Otter Thompson

To listen to my Help, Hope & Healing interview with Betsy Otter Thompson, simply go to the category, AM-WWLZ820 Talk Radio and click on the link, “Walking Through Illusion with Betsy Otter Thompson”.  A beautiful and inspiring book, as we all learn to love ourselves more through the teachings and examples of Jesus.

Namaste and have yourself a salubrious day!

Shine Your Light

“You remain a Victim as long as you choose not to learn from your Challenges.  When you choose to learn and move forward, you become a Great Teacher to yourself and others.” ~Eric Allen

What light shines within you?  Are you allowing it to grow or diminish with each challenge you face in life?  Every experience we have is an opportunity to create our own personal path.  In this creation our light builds upon itself and extends out toward others.  When we follow our true selves we can’t help but shed our inner light out into the world.

When we sabotage the gifts we were given and create roadblocks for ourselves, we will inevitably fall into the victim mentality.  You have no one to look to but yourself.  Look inward for the growth that is needed to educate yourself and others.  Take time to breathe in nature and allow Spirit to guide you on your path.  Beware of getting caught up in the external promises of the ego.  Humility will assist you in finding your place in this world.  Loving your inner self will align you with all the beauty life has to offer.

Shine your light and BE the lighthouse you were meant to be…

Addiction and Healing through Self-Love

To listen to yesterday’s broadcast of Help, Hope and Healing, simply go to the category, “AM-WWLZ820 Talk Radio” and click on “Addictions and Healing through Self-Love with Cynthia Brennen, LMSW.” Peace….

WWLZ820am; Learning Self-Love

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