Living, Loving, & Unlearning

If you’re looking for a book to assist you as you navigate the ups and downs in life while you peel away the layers of worldly expectations, this read may be for you.

Have you ever wondered about your life’s dreams and what happened to them? Have you ever had dreams for your life? This book is a wake-up call. A reminder that it is never too late to fulfill that desire burning deep down inside of you. The piece of your soul that is ready to shine and light up your life! Inside the pages of Living, Loving, & Unlearning, I’ve created an easy to follow guideline for you to do just that. As you discover the purity of your own soul, and purpose of your existence here on earth, you will begin to feel the freedom to live your life, your journey, and your truth.

To listen to my talk at Book Passage in Corte Madera, CA, please click here. This will give you an inside look into Living, Loving, & Unlearning, how it came about, and how it may help you in your own healing. As an added treat, my brother, Norm Weintraub, also performs a very special song about our Dad and his impact on our lives.

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Namaste and have a great day!

Death and Rebirth

There comes a time in our lives when many of us begin to question the meaning of the skin we’re in. In a literal sense, our skin reveals our story through scars, wrinkles, aging spots, and tales told through our colorful tattoos. All earned and expressed from our emotions baring underneath. But what if all those experiences were only scratching the surface of our existence. What if we’ve only tapped into an infinitesimal amount of our vibrational force as it connects to nature and all living things. What if, we are on the verge of realizing that through this connectedness with Source, the natural nature of healing and living is at our radiant finger tips.

I discovered Zach Bush a couple of years ago as I was searching for healing modalities that aligned with my holistic practice. He is such a kind, wise, and brilliant healer, I realized it would be selfish of me to keep him to myself. So here you go, click here to take a listen and breathe in the essence of what we all have the ability to create under the skin and bones of our soul song.