Living, Loving & Unlearning is Released!


Full-Book-Cover blogLiving, Loving & Unlearning’ has been released! My hope is that this book will assist you in becoming the truth of who you are, lighting a path for you to travel your journey with comfort and ease as you move through the ups, the downs, and all the in-betweens.

Love & Blessings,

Click here to order your personal copy of ‘Living, Loving & Unlearning’.  ~Namaste


Co-dependency & Letting Go Radio Show with Velva Lee Heraty, MSW & Cynthia Brennen, LMSW

Many powerful and positive responses to this show from listeners! If you missed the live broadcast on ‘Co-dependency & Letting Go’,  it’s not too late to tune in. It is now on podcast at Life Improvement Radio. Follow direction below to tune in:

Go to  Click on the podcast tab up in the tool bar. Scroll down and enter the name Velva Lee Heraty in the search box. Click on podcasts up in the tool bar again. Scroll down and click on ‘Let’s Talk Life’…it is the 2/15/14 show.

Wishing you all a day of flow and letting go ~ Namaste


Living, Loving & Unlearning


Becca Brennen enjoying the beauty of the Finger Lakes Region ~ photograph by Kelley Brennen

Keep your eyes and ears open for my upcoming book, Living, Loving & Unlearning; my guide to healing and living authentically from the inside out. Above is one of the many enlightening photos sprinkled throughout the book. Publication is nearing in early 2014!

The contents of Living, Loving & Unlearning is a compilation of my writing over the past years. I delve into spiritual and emotional wellness, exercise and nutrition, mental health, and personal and professional experiences through all of it. The process of unlearning is a key component, as it focuses on peeling away the layers put upon us by society and individuals in our life, and rebuilding the real you. The soul you were born to be on this earth. Simply, the purity of yourself.

Love & Blessings, 



Goddess of the Dawn

My glory days with Early Aurora, circa 1971

I WOULD BE REMISS if I didn’t include the special bond I had with one very special girl, my horse, Early Aurora.  In Roman mythology, the meaning of Aurora is “goddess of the dawn,” and oh what a goddess she was!  A bright light shining into the dim of the morning. She was my guiding light, my maternal protector, my soul mate.  She safely carried me through trails, over hurdles, and around arenas from the time I was 10 years young to the ripe old age of 13.  Soon after, her time came to retire on our farm, soaking up the leisure life of pastures and blues skies, until she passed through the veil, shortly after retirement.

Barb and Early Aurora shining their Light.

Aurora has been shining her bright light on me, yet again, as of late.  Forty-three years after she came to me, another shining light tapped on my soul. Aurora’s previous rider/soul connector found me on Facebook and asked, “Are you by chance the Cindy Weintraub who rode Early Aurora?”  I replied, “Yes, she was very special to me.  Who did you ride with?” When she told me she was Aurora’s previous owner, my body quivered in chills.  She had kept a Christmas card I sent her those four decades ago, when Aurora came to me.  A photo of Aurora and me, and my name, enclosed.  Immediately, I felt bonded with this person who I knew loved Aurora as much as I did.  Our connection has gone beyond my wildest dreams.  Barb has become such a sweet soul sister to me, and, of course, we have more in common than I ever would have imagined.  The bond we have, it all makes sense to me now.  At 61 years young, she runs, swims, moves through nature walks, eats very healthy, and has more energy than a 15-year-old.  Our spiritual beliefs are so in sync it leaves no doubt that Aurora’s spirit not only arranged our recent connection, but the passing of Aurora’s light from Barb to me many dawns ago.  Barb is now a bright light in my life, with Angel Aurora in the middle.

The grace of meeting Barb was not only enlightening but cathartic in my own healing.  As I was in the shower one morning, where most of my profound intuitive thoughts come to me, I realized the real reason I quit riding while I was so young.  My excuse was that I wanted a social life with kids my age (and part of that was true), but the deeper meaning expressed itself through my stream of tears, washed away by the shower cascade.  You see, Aurora retired young because she had cancer.  I realized that morning, surrounded by the ease of water, that I blocked the pain of losing Aurora so deeply that I quit doing something I loved.  At such a young age, I didn’t know the value of grieving, and moved on, hiding the hurts festering inside.  For those of you who can relate, you know the bond between a girl and her horse.  It’s stronger than many friendships throughout your lifetime.  I am so very grateful for Barb entering my life, for she not only gave me the gift of a beautiful friendship, she unknowingly pushed me to feel the pain and grieve my long lost love.  Not only Aurora, but the joys of riding itself.  I know Aurora sent a spark through both of our hearts, creating a bond forever connected to her spirit.

When painful times come upon you, remember, “This too shall pass.”  Spirit has given us the blessing of amnesia when it comes to pain.  Allow yourself to feel and express, especially when you think you can’t feel anymore.  The nights will eventually give way to the glory of the dawn.

Shifting Sands

Amazing how life can shift in just three short weeks.  From expectant loss, to tragic loss, to new birth.  Below are three short paragraphs describing the gamut of emotions I experienced during the month of July, 2013.  Just like that, life can change and bring you excruciating sadness turning to joy and light.  The sands settled on my heart and opened a whole new world for my eyes to see.  Never forgetting the light that remains, and simultaneously, opening my heart to new light.

Shifting Sands 2Our dear, sweet Ollie flew into the heavens recently. We all circled around him and gave
him our last round of love ~ including Jazzy who snuggled in with us. Those of you who knew Ollie, know what a big gentle soul he was. He gave us twelve years of big love from pony rides ( when Rachel was a baby) to big bear hugs (to warm us) to majestic protector (literally coming toe to toe with black bear in our backyard). We will forever miss you, Ollie Bear, always in our hearts.

It is said, when two souls are deeply connected, and one exits this earth, the other is sure to follow. Our sweet soul, Jazzy, followed her love companion, Ollie, soon after we lost our big gentle bear. We were expecting it with Ollie, as he was ill for some time, but Jazz, it came out of the blue. Just two short weeks after losing Ollie, Jazz let us know it was time to join him. I should have known when she nuzzled him nose to nose as we circled around him to give our last round of love.  They came to us as pups twelve short years ago, and now their souls will live together forever. We miss you, my angel girl, always full of love and loyalty. Always with kindness in your heart. Always my soul connector. Fly high with Ollie and shine your angel wings around us. You are both forever in our hearts.

Well, I thought it was too soon for a little one to enter our lives after losing Jazz & Ollie, but my daughter, Rachel, was persistent and I caved. So happy that I did because little Jude has brought back that spark that diminished when Jazz & Ollie left. I feel them with us more than ever ~ in every hug, every smile, and especially when I see Luke & Jude romping together. The love continues to expand.

new dogsI suppose it’s no surprise that I’ve had so many animals come and go in my life. I grew up on a farm and my husband, Mike, is a veterinarian. We were very fortunate to be able to say goodbye to Ollie in the comfort of our home.  Our circle of love consisted of me, Mike, and our three girls, Kelley, Becca, and Rachel…and then Jazzy snuggled in.  They know, don’t they? Our animals feel more than we think they’re aware of.  Spiritually, I believe they’re much more in tune than the human race…that is, until we strip away those layers of conditional life.  I have been blessed with a plethora of animal souls streaming through my life.  There is no doubt, when I move into the spirit world, it will provide peace, love, warmth, and yes, a boatload of four-legged loves.

The Act of Balance

The excitement was building!

My physical act of balance.

My physical act of balance.

I did it! I ran through Hero Rush (my 5 mile, 18 obstacle course) after days of rain and mud up to our ankles, and oh what a rush it was!  The photo above reveals the excitement we were all feeling before the race, and to be honest, my excitement was mixed with nerves as I had no idea what I was in for.  As it turns out, it was one big wet muddy blast!  Psychology Today recently published an article about people who are consistently curious, and present challenges in their lives, as happier than those who remain complacent.  All I can say is that I felt ecstatic for days after this last curious challenge, for many reasons.  I pushed my body to reach to the outer limits, I laughed a boatload as we slipped through the muddy ravines, and most of all, I felt joy in my heart.  When the race was over, and they pulled out the last hose to wash us all down, I danced through the water with a smile on my face and a light in my soul.  Yes, I was a giddy girl.

Horses were always my mom’s great act of curiosity. Here she is on Noble Savage in 1966.

Horses were always my mom’s great act of curiosity. Here she is on Noble Savage in 1966.

With that being said, some recent events have forced me to remember the importance of balance in our lives. The photo of me up on that high wire may be an example of a physical balancing act, but life, well, it’s one great big act of balance. We must choose what is to be a priority at any given moment.  Sometimes, it won’t be what you planned but it will be what you know in your soul is right.  Just a few days ago, we lost our beloved family dog, Ollie, and on the heels of that, my mother was in need of increased care in her assisted living facility.  Between grieving and caring for my mom, certain things have to take their place on the back burner.  I have a swim meet coming up, which I should be training for, but more important things happened to pop up on my priority scale.  After spending hours with my mom, and organizing changes for her, I was just getting ready to leave and head to swim practice when her nurse’s aide walked into the room and reported that mom had a last minute doctor’s appointment. Her aide offered to take her but I knew in my heart the right thing was for me to take her.  In setting my outer goals aside (and missing swim practice), I nurtured my inner sanctum by aligning with love.  Not to be a martyr, simply to listen to the silence of my soul and believe in my knowing.  It turned out to be a great day with mom, ending with a lovely lunch in her room.  She will be 86 years young in a couple of weeks, and I must say, it’s been a life well lived.  A woman who was extremely curious and challenged herself constantly.

Louise and I at our last swim meet together in Skaneateles, NY

Louise and I at our last swim meet together in Skaneateles, NY

And so it goes, I have my swim meet next week.  Am I physically prepared to swim my best?  Nope.  Am I okay with that?  Yep.  There’s so much in life to love and be grateful for.  Trophies and accolades are nice but the icing on the cake is giving and feeling the love that surrounds.  I plan on having a great weekend with my high school swimming bestie, Louise.  We don’t take swimming as seriously as we did in high school but we sure have a ton of fun with it.  I’m certain it will be a wonder~full weekend at her lake house this time, enjoying the views of New Hampshire, sipping a little wine, reminiscing and laughing. Lots of laughs.

What Your Soul Knows To Be True


Well, here we are, another spring upon us and it feels like life is coming alive again!  Not sure how many long northeast winters will be in my future. The timeline of life travels so quickly and there’s much to be enjoyed along this pristine and dusty road stretching ahead of us. My oldest daughter ventured out to California and is returning soon, and now my second daughter is wanting to check out schools in Cali.  As Joni sings, “California, oh California, I’m comin’ home…” I’ve always related to that song but whoever knows where I’ll land.  I sure don’t.  Santa Fe felt like home to me too.  As soon as I touched down at the airport I felt it.  The pull of red dirt, turquoise and silver tugged at my heart.  Why?  I don’t know, but in some ways I do.  My point of this reminiscent writing is to follow your heart’s desire.  Don’t put it off, the time is now, and whatever you do live in the now and enjoy every moment as much as you possibly can.

My latest endeavor?  Embarking on a race called Hero Rush, created by our heroic firefighters.  It’s a five mile, twenty obstacle course consisting of freezing water, tube tunnels, fire hose carrying, rope climbing, smoke house running, tire trekking, fire hopping and more.  Some people think I’m crazy and ask why I would do such a thing.  I think to myself, why wouldn’t I?  I get comments like, “You’re 52, don’t you think you should settle down?”, or, “Aren’t you worried about getting hurt?”, or my favorite fear comment, “Oh my, that looks so hard, are you sure you can do it?”  These comments don’t stop me, they just challenge me more. This is what I know to be true, I won’t “settle down” until I take my last breath.  And then the world of spirit opens up along with a whole new playground full of love, learning & experiences.  Except this time, it’s played out with complete unconditional love beckoning behind the veil.

Always trust what your soul knows to be true. Listen for the signals and see the signs.  Our connection to Spirit is so very strong, we need only to practice awareness.  I had no idea what photo I was going to add to this post today, I took a break, came back to my computer and this photo of me was mysteriously bookmarked. I trust it, and I know why.  The fair skinned, blonde haired girl with green eyes will always be a Native American girl at heart, riding her horse through the corn fields.



The Art Of Living

art of living

“All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.” ~Havelock Ellis

I had an amazing yoga therapy session today.  So many unexpected happenings presented themselves as my therapist dug deeper into my emotions, spirit & body.  I went in with an injured frozen shoulder and came out with a warm heart.  We do carry our feminine energy on our left side which happens to be the side of my body that is aching…the ache is much more than physical pain, however, it carries a boatload of emotion too.  My boat is empty.  Tapped.  Giving out so much nurturing energy that I haven’t taken the time to receive.  My shoulder is the messenger, it is up to me to receive that message and make change.

So many emotions naturally steamed up from my heart and out of my mouth.  Anger, resentments, internal control issues, leading to tears, release and laughter.  I was pleasantly surprised to feel the laughter as it was quite unexpected.  All the other emotions I had been feeling but when I really looked at the situations on a deeper level I realized just how funny life and people are.  Including me!

So What did I get out of this soul search?  An amazing cleansing for starters.  A whole new look at situations, people and life.  And…a new found understanding of forgiveness.  We all have a part in chaos in our lives, it’s up to us to own it and observe the drama from the sidelines. It really is quite funny to watch yourself!  No one is to blame for the situations we are in.  All actors in the play are merely reflections of your own mirror.  A glimpse into the light, dark and gray areas of your life.  Our desires and experiences complete with pains, sorrows, joys and thrills are all available to us to discover self.  Don’t waste it, accept it and run with the path you’re on.  It’s all yours to travel.

The time has come for me to receive again.  Open myself up enough to trust the process and allow the comforts in.  Allowing others to give and requesting a need when it arises.  Creating a balance…again.  Mixed with the masculine, I am divinely feminine.  I am whole.

*It has been an amazing year of healing since I wrote this original post.  So much can happen and enter your life in those quick 12 months, some are conscious choices, and some the universe throws you.  The mixture of both have renewed my left shoulder and I am happy to report it is healed, along with the rebirth of my feminine energy!  She is back in full force and ready to receive as well as give, combining the balance of my soul.  I am so grateful for the healers who have helped me along this path, especially my yoga therapist, chiropractor, massage therapist, and physical therapist.  I’m also grateful for my intuition for it brought me to these peaceful warriors, along with my decision to get back in the  pool.  Its own therapy unto itself.

Have a blessed day everyone, and remember, your healing all remains within you.   ~Namaste~


Life Is The Greatest Lesson

Life is the greatest lesson

I’ve sat in the classrooms, gone to the trainings, continued education, and trained some more. The outline of my learning has been necessary in carrying out the techniques in my profession, but it is my lessons in living life that have taught me the greatest lessons of all.  In stepping out of the box of expectations I learned that life has its own set of rules mixed  with squiggly lines.  We all carve our own path while walking this earth, and it is through those steps we realize the truth of who we are, if we are willing.

It has been through my own “dark night of the soul” that I have experienced the truth of kindness and compassion toward others.  If not for the risks and free falls jumped I would never have understood the internal anguish of the downtrodden in this world.

Welcome it.  Every painful experience, every heart wrenching difficulty, every roadblock, for it is through these tests that we discover the truth of who we are and where we are going. Your fortitude is beckoning. Allow it to reveal itself, to you, to the world, to your soul.

Fear has no place on this planet.  It is simply a learned thought taught by something or someone outside of yourself. Fear constricts you, controls you, and wraps you up into a tight bud, unwilling to release. It’s up to you to grab control of your soul, have a conversation with it, and follow the real you! Imagine your discoveries and you just might find the truth behind your lessons.


In the Now

I recently heard yet another story about a popular figure who lived an extremely healthy lifestyle and still was hit by cancer and passed on.  As I listened to this commentary my thoughts drifted into the silliness of any of us thinking we can cheat death or control the time we exit this earth.  Any of you who know me, know that I live as healthy as I possibly can in mind, body, spirit and emotion. Do I do it because I want to live forever?  No, I do it because I want to live in the now!  Each day, every moment, is something to be treasured.  Of course we all have down times, that’s part of life and our ever present learning curve along our journey, but to travel with a clear mind and heart takes your journey to a whole new level.  I certainly want to be alert in my growing and remember what I have learned.  Some to be experienced again and some to be avoided like the black plague.

My point is this, to live healthfully is to live in this moment.  Notice that which surrounds you.  The beauty, the messages, your loved ones, your insights, and the clarity that comes with all of it.  Live healthy simply because it allows you to feel full of energy with happiness in your life.  Live it because it gives you a new perspective in seeing the glass full as life shoots you lemons.  Live it because it feels good!

When our time comes to move into the spirit world it is a day of celebration for a life well lived, and a bow of gratitude for a life yet to come.  Feel it, breathe it, BE it now, for this is it.  Your time to show yourself and shine!