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Reeling, Feeling, and Healing


Notice the signs...

Notice the signs…

Grieving and loss have been thick in the air lately. At least it has been in my therapy room. The big question clients have been asking me is, “How long do I have to endure this pain?” After sitting in silence and allowing the energy to settle in, I review what I have witnessed in the grieving process.

The first stage is Reeling. After the shock of loss settles in, we begin to stagger and stumble, not quite knowing where to grab on to life. Feeling lost, we reach for stability but nothing feels like it did before. We begin to wonder if we’ll ever feel sane again, happy again, and just plain want to live again. We may even feel guilty for having those thoughts, and yet, the pain overpowers the guilt.  Life as we knew it is gone, with no light in sight.

And then we begin to Feel. Reality of the loss drops in and we realize we’ll never have the old back. As we work through our feelings between the tears, anger, confusion, and bewilderment, a shadow of acceptance begins to crack through the tunnel. We begin to see the light, and then the roller coaster comes winding around again. One minute we feel like life is returning to our normal, and the next minute, the pain hits like a ton of bricks again. It is at this point that I remind my clients that the roller coaster ride is part of the process of grieving. We continue to work through those feelings until the span of peace is longer than the span of unrest. In time, as we work through all emotions the reality of what is now becomes the new normal. This doesn’t mean the loss is forgotten. It simply means the loss is accepted.

Once acceptance has calmed the roller coaster, we move into the healing stage. It is here we begin to have a new relationship with the loss. If it is a loved one who has passed, we may begin to connect with them on a spiritual level. I know when I lost my dad the reeling and feeling stages were excruciating for me. It wasn’t until the healing stage that I began to relate to him through energy, signs, and dimes. Yes, he leaves me dimes. I have a client who knows it’s her mother saying hello every time she sees a cardinal fly by. Another client’s rose-bush blooms in the middle of winter. It was his wife’s favorite part of their garden. A friend of mine sees her father with every butterfly that persistently follows her. Open your heart and notice these signals from your loved ones. They are full of love and light in their world and they want you to feel happiness in yours.

There are many different types of losses that happen in our lives besides losing a loved one who passes through the veil. We experience loss with employment, relationships, money, homes, pets, health, the list goes on. Everyone’s experience and length of time in the stages is different. It took me two years before I came to acceptance of my father’s passing. I was reeling for about six months, just trying to find my footing. And then I was painfully feeling for about a year and a half. It was a day of enlightenment when the light finally broke through the tunnel. I felt joy in the realization I didn’t have to pick up the phone to talk to him anymore, I could talk to him any second, any time of the day. He wasn’t only with me in human form, he was with me and around me always. And we were one. That’s the day my spirit crossed the veil with a new understanding of our spiritual connection. Way beyond this world. Way beyond our intellect. A beautiful dimension extension.

For those of you staggering through this process of grief, doing your best to catch your breath, I ask you to trust not only the grieving process but the spiritual awakening that is inside of all of us. There is so much more to us than these shells we habitate while here on earth. When we stop reeling and move through our feelings, it is our spiritual expansion that delivers the healing. It is then that we realize what we thought was lost never left our side.

Surrounded by Love

Surrounded by Love


WWLZ Talk Radio Interview with Cynthia on Living, Loving & Unlearning

To listen to my interview with Smitty O’Loughlin, General Manager of Community Broadcasters, on ‘Living, Loving & Unlearning’ and my upcoming book signing at Barnes & Noble in Elmira, NY, September 6th, 2pm-4pm, simply click on the link below and download to your media player.

Wishing you all a fabulous day! ~Namaste

LLU coverClick here to listen to interview

Living, Loving & Unlearning


Becca Brennen enjoying the beauty of the Finger Lakes Region ~ photograph by Kelley Brennen

Keep your eyes and ears open for my upcoming book, Living, Loving & Unlearning; my guide to healing and living authentically from the inside out. Above is one of the many enlightening photos sprinkled throughout the book. Publication is nearing in early 2014!

The contents of Living, Loving & Unlearning is a compilation of my writing over the past years. I delve into spiritual and emotional wellness, exercise and nutrition, mental health, and personal and professional experiences through all of it. The process of unlearning is a key component, as it focuses on peeling away the layers put upon us by society and individuals in our life, and rebuilding the real you. The soul you were born to be on this earth. Simply, the purity of yourself.

Love & Blessings, 



The Art Of Living

art of living

“All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.” ~Havelock Ellis

I had an amazing yoga therapy session today.  So many unexpected happenings presented themselves as my therapist dug deeper into my emotions, spirit & body.  I went in with an injured frozen shoulder and came out with a warm heart.  We do carry our feminine energy on our left side which happens to be the side of my body that is aching…the ache is much more than physical pain, however, it carries a boatload of emotion too.  My boat is empty.  Tapped.  Giving out so much nurturing energy that I haven’t taken the time to receive.  My shoulder is the messenger, it is up to me to receive that message and make change.

So many emotions naturally steamed up from my heart and out of my mouth.  Anger, resentments, internal control issues, leading to tears, release and laughter.  I was pleasantly surprised to feel the laughter as it was quite unexpected.  All the other emotions I had been feeling but when I really looked at the situations on a deeper level I realized just how funny life and people are.  Including me!

So What did I get out of this soul search?  An amazing cleansing for starters.  A whole new look at situations, people and life.  And…a new found understanding of forgiveness.  We all have a part in chaos in our lives, it’s up to us to own it and observe the drama from the sidelines. It really is quite funny to watch yourself!  No one is to blame for the situations we are in.  All actors in the play are merely reflections of your own mirror.  A glimpse into the light, dark and gray areas of your life.  Our desires and experiences complete with pains, sorrows, joys and thrills are all available to us to discover self.  Don’t waste it, accept it and run with the path you’re on.  It’s all yours to travel.

The time has come for me to receive again.  Open myself up enough to trust the process and allow the comforts in.  Allowing others to give and requesting a need when it arises.  Creating a balance…again.  Mixed with the masculine, I am divinely feminine.  I am whole.

*It has been an amazing year of healing since I wrote this original post.  So much can happen and enter your life in those quick 12 months, some are conscious choices, and some the universe throws you.  The mixture of both have renewed my left shoulder and I am happy to report it is healed, along with the rebirth of my feminine energy!  She is back in full force and ready to receive as well as give, combining the balance of my soul.  I am so grateful for the healers who have helped me along this path, especially my yoga therapist, chiropractor, massage therapist, and physical therapist.  I’m also grateful for my intuition for it brought me to these peaceful warriors, along with my decision to get back in the  pool.  Its own therapy unto itself.

Have a blessed day everyone, and remember, your healing all remains within you.   ~Namaste~