Archive | February 2013

In the Now

I recently heard yet another story about a popular figure who lived an extremely healthy lifestyle and still was hit by cancer and passed on.  As I listened to this commentary my thoughts drifted into the silliness of any of us thinking we can cheat death or control the time we exit this earth.  Any of you who know me, know that I live as healthy as I possibly can in mind, body, spirit and emotion. Do I do it because I want to live forever?  No, I do it because I want to live in the now!  Each day, every moment, is something to be treasured.  Of course we all have down times, that’s part of life and our ever present learning curve along our journey, but to travel with a clear mind and heart takes your journey to a whole new level.  I certainly want to be alert in my growing and remember what I have learned.  Some to be experienced again and some to be avoided like the black plague.

My point is this, to live healthfully is to live in this moment.  Notice that which surrounds you.  The beauty, the messages, your loved ones, your insights, and the clarity that comes with all of it.  Live healthy simply because it allows you to feel full of energy with happiness in your life.  Live it because it gives you a new perspective in seeing the glass full as life shoots you lemons.  Live it because it feels good!

When our time comes to move into the spirit world it is a day of celebration for a life well lived, and a bow of gratitude for a life yet to come.  Feel it, breathe it, BE it now, for this is it.  Your time to show yourself and shine!


Simple Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation isn’t something that just happens, it is a process of creating boundaries and letting go of old energy that has served its purpose.  Recently, I’ve released some things and people in my life that were once fulfilling and energetic, but there comes a time when all must come to an end for the new to enter through the closed door.  It is the opening to the new that allows us to continue our journey and expand to deeper depths than before.

Spread your wings and fly among the truth seekers.  In between the quiet pieces of time you will find beauty in the early morning sunrise, the smile upon a child’s face, the grace of a swan on a silvery lake, taking you to the stillness of your original soul.

To BE.  Simply rejuvenating.