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It’s Musical Monday!  Eagles have been all around…streaming through the air and the air waves!  As requested, this is for you Ronnie:)


Desperado, why don’t you come to your senses
You’ve been out ridin’ fences,
for so long – now.
Ohh you’re a hard one.
I know that you’ve got your reasons.
These things that are pleasin’ you
Can hurt you somehow.

Don’t you draw the queen of diamonds boy
She’ll beat you if she’s able.
You know the queen of hearts is always your best bet.
Now it seems to me, some fine things
Have been laid upon your table.
But you only want the ones
That you can’t get.

Ohhhh you ain’t gettin’ any younger.
Your pain and your hunger,
They’re driving you home.
And freedom, ohh freedom.
Well that’s just some people talkin’.
Your prison is walking through this world all alone.

Don’t your feet get cold in the winter time?
The sky won’t snow and the sun won’t shine.
It’s hard to tell the night-time from the day.
And you’re losing all your highs and lows
ain’t it funny how the feeling goes

Why don’t you come to your senses?
come down from your fences, open the gate.
It may be rainin’, but there’s a rainbow above you.
You better let somebody love you.
(let somebody love you)
You better let somebody love you…ohhh..hooo
before it’s too..oooo.. late…

The Feeling of Real Love

“What really matters is to be what you really are – to be authentic, to enjoy life, to be love.  And not the symbol of love that humans have distorted, but real love – the feeling you can’t put into words, the love that is the result of being what you really are.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz

When we love and respect ourselves we will naturally love and respect all life around us.  This is what brings happiness.  This is the feeling you can’t put into words.  Pure Love.  True Love.

The Body Temple

I just stumbled upon this wonderful workout DVD at Rite Aid for $3.99.  Kathy Smith’s  “Build Muscle, Shrink Fat.”  Kathy has been around since the early 1980’s and continues to stay with the times as she guides you through 30 minutes of interval training and core conditioning.  All are encouraged to go at their own pace and increase moves as you gain strength.  I love this workout, and if Kathy is any indication that fitness and a healthy lifestyle is consistently drinking from the fountain of youth, I would perk up and listen.

As a competitive swimmer and horseback rider in my younger years, I am no stranger to exercise.  It has continued in various forms throughout my life.  What I have found about moving my body and increasing my heart rate is that it gives me so much energy!  My mind clears so that I am able to work through the challenges life throws me and I feel lighter somehow.  As the weight is lifted my core strength expands, both physically and emotionally.  For those of you who experience symptoms of depression, exercise is the best natural anti-depressant on the market.

So get out there and move your body today!  Go for a walk on your lunch break, jump on your trampoline with your kids, take the stairs instead of the elevator, wipe the dust off of that DVD and exercise!  You will be happy you did.  Feel the joy in every step and live your life!

Healing the Child Within

” In these if the body will accept it, there is the meeting of self–or karmic conditions. Can it be healed? Yes, but the attitude of the body, the faith in the Divine, must not merely be assumed or proclaimed–it must be practiced in the daily life with others.”  ~ Edgar Cayce

Recognition of unhealthy habits opens the valve, but it is action that fosters the flow of change.  This is why we all need to practice patience as we initiate change in our lives.  When you consider how much time you’ve put into developing unhealthy habits, know that it will take time and perseverance to replace the unhealthy with the healthy.  As spiritual beings living this human existence, expect that you will fall off track at times.  Forgive yourself, wipe yourself off, and get back on track.  In time, as you persist, the healthy will begin to outweigh the unhealthy.  As you experience the feeling of positive choices you will begin to feel lighter, happier and more joyful inside.  You will begin to like YOU!  As we learn to treat ourselves with love and respect, we will naturally treat others in the same regard.  Just remember, true change takes time.  A firm foundation keeps you grounded, a quick fix keeps you stumbling.

An important piece to change is forgiveness.  Forgiveness of self and others.  Oftentimes, we tend to blame others for our choices.  No one makes those choices but you, and until you truly see this you will not move on.  Maybe your parents didn’t give you what you needed, but they gave you what they were able to give.  They became parents still carrying their own baggage, and if it was packed with abuse, neglect, and personal hurts it very likely got dumped on you.  Do you want to continue this chain, or do you want to effect change?  Until you are able to truly let go and forgive others it will be very difficult to forgive yourself.  An open heart manifests a smiling soul.

Lastly, but certainly not least, the key to all change…faith in God, Spirit, Goddess, Source, the Divine, you choose.  You must believe in a power greater than yourself.  The ego is a cocky entity and will knock you upside down if you invest in its false promises.  When you reach only for outer fulfillment, you will ALWAYS come up empty.  You must reach inward to your own soul and connect with Source.  Pray, meditate, ask for guidance.  Go for a walk and take in the beauty of nature.  Breathe in the scent of the honeysuckle on your path.  Recognize the messages that come to you and follow them.  Have faith that you are being guided and KNOW that you are.  Gather the support of friends that carry their own truth and caring.  Confide in those you trust as you work through your own challenges, as we must speak our own truth to heal.  Never forget to give to others as they give to you, for it is in giving that we absolutely receive.

Are you ready?  Let’s get started….one day at a time.

You’ve Got A Friend

It’s Musical Monday!  Beginning today, I will be adding the joy of music  with a new musical video every Monday.  I believe it is so very important to fill your soul with melody as we balance our lives.  Requests are always welcome and encouraged!  I love listening to all kinds of music and learning about new music out there.  My first pick is none other than James Taylor and Carole King, two of my all time favs:)

To all my friends out there…from my heart to yours…

Soul’s Journey

“Judge not, then, the karmic path walked by another.  Envy not success, nor pity failure, for you know not what is success or failure in the soul’s reckoning.”  ~Neale Donald Walsh, from Conversations with God