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What You State, You Create

road to truthEverything in life is energy. From the chair I’m sitting on, to the people walking down the street, to the trees blowing in the wind, to the emotions swirling around in your mind. All energy. And if we are able to tune in to that energy around us, it should be safe to say that we have the ability to create whatever it is we choose to in this life. And if all of life is an illusion, then the old adage “self-fulfilling prophecy” speaks volumes to our ability to live a life tailored by our voice and actions.

If you think you will never get that dream job you’ve desired, then it is very likely you won’t, simply because your behavior will pull you in a different direction because your mind tells you you’re not good enough. However, if you act as if you are capable of that dream job, and you move in the energy of your belief, you have every reason to believe your dream will come true. Of course, it’s not like snapping your fingers and it is done, your beliefs are moving in conjunction with your actions. Every thought (energy) you send out into the universe reverberates back to you, responding to your request. You may decide to go back to school to acquire that job, or take on a different job to get more experience, or have patience as you work your way up in your current position. All choices you make as you imagine yourself in that dream job are collaborating to see that dream come to fruition.

Every thought you have, and every statement you make, aligns with the path you will be walking. If you often think about how unfair life is and nothing goes right for you, then your energy will create just that. You will very likely surround yourself with negative people too (misery loves company), adding more negative energy to your surroundings. The energy you put out and the illusions you’re creating are sealing your fate to live in your cycle of darkness.

On the other hand, when you live in the lightness of being, there is always a silver lining, no matter what comes your way. You think positively about even the most difficult experiences and know that you are learning lessons to allow you to grow your soul even more. You state what you desire and believe it will happen because your experience proves it. You have trust and faith in the Divine and know that miracles occur because you’ve witnessed it time and time again in your own life. And why? Because you expect those miracles and you’ve learned to give gratitude for everything in life. Every hardship, every blessing, and all in between. And in the end, it is the Light that you see that creates your surroundings.

Whatever it is you desire in life, state it, and then move confidently in the direction you desire. The Angels are working with you. All you need to do is believe in your desire, believe in the outcome, and most importantly, believe in yourself.

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